About Us

JB Arthritis and Rheumatology Center opened July 2021 in Downey, California. We treat every rheumatic disease and are experts in all kinds of arthritis. All of our physicians have trained in top rheumatology programs at major academic universities.

The founding physician Dr. Julia Buchfuhrer comes from a family of physicians. With doctors for parents, she joined the family business in 2012. After 9 years of medical training, she decided to open up shop with her father. She works side by side with him in the same office in Downey, California. The office is right across from Downey PIH Hospital.

We Are Here For You

A great place to receive care by those leading medicine in the field of rheumatology.

Your search for a premier rheumatology center is over.

With Us, It’s Always Personal.

Every patient is unique and as such we tailor our treatment to each individual.

Embrace Your Health.

You shouldn’t have to live with joint pain. We minimize your pain to increase quality of life.

High Quality Care.

We keep up to date on the innovations in the field of rheumatology so our patients receive the best care.

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8:30am – 5pm

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